Electric Adjustable Beds

Introducing – Niagara’s ‘Platinum VI Electric Adjustable Sleep Systems’

Discover a Sleep System that incorporates our Patented Design and Technology Systems!

The Niagara Platinum 6 CVT Adjustable Sleep System like all of our products are manufactured in our purpose built facility in Queensland. Our exacting manufacturing processes and ongoing focus on engineering standards have created a PATENTED BED DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS that are unique to Niagara.

Good quality sleep is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle!

Introducing the Niagara Platinum 6 CVT Adjustable Sleep System. A wireless touch control fully adjustable sleep system, that is available in a full range of sizes to suit every requirement. Adjustable sleep systems allow you to raise the back and legs independently to suit your body allowing you to focus on obtaining comfort and relaxation. This is expertly combined with Niagara’s Cycloid Vibration Therapy motors built in to provide a full body delivery system for a complete Niagara Therapy experience. Sleep is important to human health and we believe our Platinum IV Adjustable CVT Sleep System is the very best product that we can create for our valued clients.

Create the sleeping position that is truly yours!

A specifically designed Australian made mattress for Niagara’s Platinum VI CVT Adjustable Sleep System, combine together with a bed base that is made to our manufacturing standards. With micro adjustment controls, the position that is right for your body can be found at a push of a button. Two memory positions, three therapy massage settings, and digital timer take the guesswork out and make the Niagara Platinum IV as easy to use as it is effective.

The ‘Lifestyle’ Position
Combine a relaxing activity with the ability to enjoy a Full Body Therapy treatment.
The ‘Contoured Therapy’ Position
Creating maximum support for those who a seeking relief of joint pain and a restful nights sleep.
The ‘Tailored Sleeping’ Position
Allows you to manage your individual therapy needs and create positions that provide complete support.

Niagara’s ‘Platinum VI’ Electric Adjustable Sleep System range is adaptable to multiple programmable sleep and rest positions. A good night sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about Niagara’s Electric Adjustable Beds Sleep System (Video)

Proudly Supporting

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Click here to read about how the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) uses Niagara CVT Devices.

Niagara CVT devices have been used by the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) since 2006.

Niagara Therapy is proud to support the Fremantle Dockers and Geelong Cats AFL Teams along with the Brisbane BroncosNorth QLD Cowboys and South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL Teams.

These clubs use Niagara CVT on players and management throughout their respective seasons and off-seasons.

Niagara is also committed to working with associations and organisations that provide ongoing support to sufferers of a variety of health conditions. We are very proud to have become a Commercial Supporter to the Australian Spinal Research Foundation in 2020 and look forward to assisting them in the work they do with Spinal Research.