Leading the market in therapeutic medical device technology for over 65 years

Manufacturers of Certified Type II(a) Medical Devices, Integrating a Unique Cross-Functional and Systemic Healthcare Technology

Leading The World In Equine Therapy

Performance Rehabilitation and Equine Health Technology used by Top Trainers, Breeders and Show Competitors.

Used In Veterinary Surgeries Worldwide

Accelerated Healing Recovery and Rehabilitation technology used by Veterinarians, Top Breeders and Competitors of domestic animals.

Established As Part Of Special Schools Across AUS and NZ

Charitable Endeavour Providing Kids With Debilitating Conditions An Opportunity to Receive Treatment While At Play In Specially Engineered “Toy Furniture.”

‘Congratulations on making the decision to improve your life, health and well-being using the

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Niagara’s® Unique Healthcare Technology.’

Niagara® first introduced its unique healthcare technology to America back in 1949. Since then, ‘we have rapidly expanded to become a global pioneer and health industry leader spanning 65 years.’

‘Extensive Scientific and Medical research, alongside a range of tangible health benefits reported by millions of users worldwide has in part led to this achievement.’

Today, Niagara® is a wholly owned Australian manufacturer of affordable ‘Type IIa Medical Devices’ with extensive distribution networks throughout Australia, New Zealand the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Asia.

‘We have integrated our unique cross-functional  healthcare technology within several medical disciplines to provide a drug free platform for advanced veterinary care, equine therapy and of course a range of systemic human health concerns.

Niagara® recognises that people of all ages face many challenges with their health which can lead to diminished well-being, mobility, independence and lifestyle options. Niagara provides you with the opportunity to maximise your health and mobility from the ‘comfort of your own home.’

Let Niagara® Improve your quality of life – ‘Feel Better’ TODAY.

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